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With Christmas approaching next month, you might be already planning and preparing for the festive season. Although you still have plenty of time to get organised, now is definitely the right moment to start thinking about an advent calendar for your children – especially if you are making one yourself!


You might not know that the first ever advent calendar was made by a mother for her young son in the late 19th century in Germany. She used a large board and stuck 24 sweets onto it. Having very fond memories of his childhood calendars, later in life her son set up a business partnership with his friend and began printing what we now know as the traditional advent calendar...


So last weekend on a rainy and cold Saturday evening, whilst the kids were (finally!) soundly asleep, I decided it was the perfect chance to make an advent calendar and perhaps inspire my boys for some great business venture of their own too!


To make my calendar, I used 25 white cotton bags, red felt numbers and colourful baker’s twine –all of which is easily available in craft shops or online.


Kids love the little surprises hidden in each bag and it’s a good lesson in patience too…. although I have to secretly admit, once being 4 years old and quietly hiding behind the sofa whilst eating the entire contents of three chocolate advent calendars which were bought for my cousins!

Planning ahead? Take a peek at our Christmassy garlands and get yourself in the mood for the festive season.


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