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ASDA Good Living magazine asked for my top tips on styling children's bedrooms.

You can read my answers here: 

What are this season's hot decorating trends?

Pastel colours, such as light turquoise, rose quartz and shades of greys and beige, are really in. Crafty DIY decor and nature-inspired motifs are also must-haves this year

Any tips for cutting clutter?

Why not personalise some large toy boxes to help keep the room tidy? Beds with a built-in storage drawer are great, so are nifty storage baskets that can be easily tucked away. Or get some fun, additional shelving on the walls.

How can I revamp a bedroom on a limited budget?

Wall mounts, like the George Home dinos, are a great place to start. Most are simple to apply, and can brighten up a room without being too pricey.

What Can I do if my child's room isn't big enough for a sleepover with friends?

Children love inflatable beds or cushioned mattresses. They can be set up quickly anywhere in the house, not just in their bedrooms.

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